Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) / Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT)


ESOP/ESOT is a program that facilitates the acquisition and distribution of a company's shares to its employees.  Companies provide their employees with stock ownership, often at no up-front cost to the employees.  Generally, an ESOP/ESOT should include all full-time employees.  

However, these groups must be reviewed in companies where they could have a significant impact on the overall employee compensation structure of the ESOP/ESOT.  The distinguishing feature of an ESOP/ESOT is that, unlike a Stock Bonus Plan, may engage in “leveraged” purchases of company stock.  That is, an ESOP may acquire stock not only on a year-by-year basis, but also may borrow funds in order to purchase a block of stock.


  • Increase in employee loyalty and productivity
  • Attract and retain talented key staff
  • Improve employee incentives to work hard and make decision that are in the company’s best interests
  • Align interest of employees and shareholders
  • Possible tax saving for both employers and employees
  • Asset diversification

Our services for ESOP/ESOT 

We provide trustee, administration and management services.  We offer tailor-made trust structures to suit employer’s need in providing a variety of benefits to its employees (share-based incentive arrangements).

  • ESOP/ESOT formation
  • Provision of corporate trustee services
  • Provision of full administration services
  • Provision of nominee services
  • Ongoing monitoring of share and option entitlements
  • Facilitate the purchase and disposal of employee entitlements
  • Custody for employee share entitlements
  • Bookkeeping, financial accounting and reporting to employers and employees on entitlements
  • Investment solutions for individual participants
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