Inheritance planning

If we can make good use of the fruitful return that we make through all the hardship in our early stages of life, it not only help satisfy our needs after retirement, but also provide a long-term financial protection to our families, which in the other words, is the main objective of wealth inheritance planning. An effective inheritance planning can help you to ensure your loved ones and future generations to enjoy the best quality of life!

Ways of wealth inheritance

Life insurance is the most common way to implement inheritance planning. It protects clients’ privacy, and ensures clients to receive compensation as soon as possible. Furthermore, it allows policy content (such as beneficiary) to change flexibly, depending on individual policy provision.

Family trust is a legal document that permits the person who prepares it or has it prepared to make changes to it at will. These provisions can include anything from beneficiaries to property and cash allocations. Trust is a very powerful and effective financial tool which can greatly enhance the continuity of assets. Through managing assets and investing effectively according to the established Letter of Intent, it can allow your business and assets to benefit future generations.

Being your sincere partner, Victory Securities are committed to provide you with personalized wealth inheritance program. Our professional team will try our best to help you make the most beneficial arrangements for your wealth inheritance, and thus safeguard your family a carefree and joyful life.

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