Investment and savings

Savings and investment are inter-related. Savings can be used as the capital for investment while investment is an important step for financial planning. By selecting an appropriate investment tools according to each individual’s financial goal and risk tolerance level, the probability of earning the expected return can be largely increased, and thus help sustaining wealth accumulation and avoid the capital being eroded in the time of high inflation.

For example: 

Let’s assume a person invests $1000 per month with an annual investment return of 5%, different results are as follow:

If we start saving five years earlier, the amount difference of initial investment will only account for $60,000. However, at the age of 65, the amount difference of the accumulated total initial investment and interest will increase to 34%. Therefore, it proves that we should start saving as early as possible! An efficient financial planning can help you achieve wealth success and thus lead to a carefree life. Clients can select different investment tools according to their financial goals and risk tolerance level.

Investment groups

Appropriate investors

Conservative group

(For example, 15% cash / 85% quality bonds)

– Age:62 or above,or retirees
– Investment strategy:very conservative
– Risk tolerance level:very low
– Seeking capital guarantee and a stable return under the lowest level of risk

Steady-oriented group

(For example, 30% stock / 70% bonds)

– Age:56-62 years old who are about to retire
– Investment strategy:steady-oriented
– Risk tolerance level:low
–Seeking capital guarantee and a stable return with avoidance to substantial short-term fluctuations 

Balance-oriented group

(For example, 50% stock  / 50% bonds)

– Age:50-55 years old
– Investment strategy:balance-oriented
– Risk tolerance level:average
– Seeking stable capital appreciation to maximize the chances of financial goals being achieved

Growth-oriented group

(For example, 70% stock / 30% bonds)

– Age:below 50(20-49 years old)
– Investment strategy:growth-oriented
– Risk tolerance level:above average
– Seeking long-term capital appreciation and return under a risk level that is bearable

Aggressive group

(For example, 85%–100% stock)

– Age:below 40(20-39 years old)
– Investment strategy:aggressive
– Risk tolerance level:high
– Seeking the highest potential long-term capital appreciation and investment return

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Definition of short-term and long-term


One year or below


Approximately one to five years


Five years or above



The professional advisers in Victory Securities can help clients understand their risk tolerance level and provide them with appropriate guidance in the process of financial planning. Apart from considering their ideal investment duration, risk tolerance level and expected return, we try our best in leading our clients to choose the best investment strategy with accordance to their stages of life. At the same time, we provide diversified investment options for clients to choose from, along with a financial platform tailored for young adults who need guidance in building up their savings and making investment the most. If one’s capital cannot be invested at once, don’t worry as we offer plenty of investment strategies where we can help clients to avoid as much risk as possible and thus to achieve their financial objectives while maintaining cash mobility.

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