Tax Planning

Tax is an expense. If one can comply with the current tax regulations, while making efficient, legitimate plannings and arrangements, tax expenses can be minimized which thus allows one to make good use of their remaining savings in the pursuit of maximizing wealth.

Hong Kong’s tax regulation

Direct tax is classified into three main kinds:

Salaries tax – a tax chargeable on income from any office, employment and pension for a year of assessment arising in or derived from the territory

Profits tax –  an income tax chargeable to business carried on in Hong Kong

Property tax – a levy on property that the owner is required to pay

Multiple-income individuals can apply for personal assessment, where the multiple income of taxpayers can be managed all at once. The tax amount can be calculated separately by either the average tax rate or cumulative tax rates, and by comparing the two, taxpayers can then be able to pay less tax.

Our main objective is to provide professional advises and arrangements to clients through regular meetings and detailed discussions in order to help clients minimize their tax payment legitimately by enjoying all kinds of tax incentives.

- Help clients in editing and handing in the Hong Kong Tax Report

- Provide Hong Kong companies and individuals with advises on tax planning, which aims to minimize tax in a legitimate way

- Provide professional advises in ways to minimize inheritance tax and stamp duty

- Help clients in handling Hong Kong Tax Department inquiry

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