Why Choose Us

There are a number of trust companies in the market, some belong to banks or large financial institutions while some are independent.  We are proud of having a long and successful history in Hong Kong and below are some of the reasons why you should consider using our services.

  • One-stop financial services – our group companies as a whole offer a variety of financial services which include but not limited to, securities trading, investment advisory, asset management, insurance, financing and so on…
  • Comprehensive offerings – we save you from shopping around!
  • Personal touch – each of our clients will be assigned a relationship manager who will act as a central point of contact for all that a client may need.
  • Flexibility as a non-bank trustee – you know it if you have worked with a bank trustee!
  • Licensed corporation in Hong Kong – we are licensed and regulated, you can rest assure that your assets will be safe with us.
  • Strong presence in Hong Kong – our clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China span across generations.  We also maintain excellent relationships with different professionals in Hong Kong.
  • Short turnaround time – we maintain a simple internal system that allows us to make decisions and react instantly.
  • Same time zone – only for people in Asia…but our hotline works 24/7!
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