Family Trust

Trust has always been and is an essential part of wealth management in major jurisdictions around the Globe.  Victory Global Trustee will not only protect, invest and distribute your wealth according to your inclination, but will also take advantage of the professional knowledge our team possesses in various specialized areas and platforms, balancing the interests of all parties objectively and thus managing the Trusts in the most appropriate way for the benefits of the Beneficiaries.  Through our ingrained international network, we are bound to deliver comprehensive advisory services and help you achieve every one of your long-term goals.

Trust is a fiduciary arrangement strictly safeguarded and enforced by the law.  Primarily it is used in the context of wealth planning by separating the legal ownership of assets from the Settlor and/or Beneficiaries.  This distinctive feature gives Trust many advantages over other wealth planning tools, and some of the advantages are listed below.  Also, how Trust assets ought to be managed is dictated by a trust deed is which both the Settlor and the Trustee contributes to its creation and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions contained in the trust deed.

Some features and advantages of Trust:

  • Safety: Generally, Trust assets are considered independent of the Settlor(s) and/or Beneficiary(ies) and so they are free from creditors’ compulsory execution or offset of debt. 
  • Fairness: Under strict execution by the Trustee, Trust assets will be accurately and appropriately distributed to the beneficiaries according to all terms, conditions and instructions set out in the Trust Deed, as well as the Settlor’s Letter of Wishes; effectively avoiding one-off inheritance or inappropriate use of money. 
  • Tax Planning: Reducing the total value of an Estate or eliminating it as a whole in extreme cases helps minimizing the total payable Estate Duty; lawful and legitimate tax avoidance with the use of overseas Trusts. 
  • Control: With appropriate arrangements in place, the Settlor will be able to reserve powers in relation to the operation of the Trust. 
  • Privacy: Information of a Trust will not become public, and remain highly confidential throughout the Trust’s period.
  • Investment: Trust can be a very effective investment tool.
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