China Market Research and Business Intelligence

Are you familiar with the China market enough to start your business there, or to work with China-based companies?  Do you wish to understand who your competitors and target customers are in China?

Before entering into and doing business in the world’s second largest economy – China, in-depth understand the market is necessary.  Mainland China has always been and remains mysterious to foreigners while being a place full of opportunities.  Before you start a business there, we help you do your research and gather information from basic demographic data to more advanced and complex business analyses, saving you from wasting time and money relying on inaccurate information.

We work with China-based market intelligence and strategy teams, macro and micro economists, and management consultants to provide you with different types of information which you will require before and after you enter the China market.

Industry research: assess industry trends, market structure, size, growth, saturation rate; implement PEST analysis

Product research: decision making on product development, product market price, branding strategy; conduct SWOT analysis, market segmentation; investigate product demand and supply, marketability and potentiality

Channel research: select the most appropriate sales channels, distribution partners, suppliers, agents, other intermediaries; identify potential risks

Consumer research: understand customer preferences and expectations, purchasing behavior, unmet needs, customer loyalty; identify target customer group

Competitors research: identify and understand domestic and international competitors, their market share and position, business strategy, competitive advantages and disadvantages, pricing strategy, historical performance, financial status, investment plans

Country research: get familiar with Industrial and economic policy, government support and investment, economic growth and development, laws and regulations

M&A research: list out potential buyers, merger and acquisition targets and opportunities; due diligence

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